Ever since I was young, painting has always fascinated me.  In my youth I couldn't seem to find the time, but after a series of losses and disappointments I began to paint in 1990.    
     Prior to learning painting, I was in the restoration business where I would transform old worn out pieces of furniture into works of art. It was than I decided to try my hand at painting.
     I first began my studies under Evelyn Sanders and Vicky Morningstar, both master painters their talent and guidance have greatly influenced my work.
     Painting has truly enriched and changed my life in countless ways it leads me to a place of serenity, contentment and indescribable peace. To watch a canvas transform into a finished painting brings me a joy that transcends serenity. It is my hope that all my paintings will bring peace and comfort to all who view them.
Fine Art By Janine Michka
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